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discover. invest. earn.

The SMBX is a marketplace for buying small business financial securities.

The SMBX lets you earn interests on your investments.

Why should I invest?

Earn the banks profits

Earn the bank's profits

Your money sits in a bank account. The bank lends that money to businesses. Bypass the bank. Earn the bank’s profits.

Invest in Businesses you love

Invest in Businesses you love

A $4.75 matcha latte from your local coffee shop tastes much better when you're invested in that coffee shop.

Make an Impact

Make an Impact

Your money is power. Take back your power by investing in businesses that you care about, that share your values. Where you put your money matters. You make a difference with the choices you make. We know this as consumers, where you shop, what you buy, has an impact on the world. The same is true for investing.

How much could I earn?

The SMBX is the home of the small business bond.

A small business bond is a loan you can buy and sell. Investors – people like you – provide capital to help local businesses thrive. The business pays you back, plus interest.

Buy small business bonds. Earn a fixed monthly return for as long as you hold them. The rate of return is determined by public auction. Reserve bonds at the lowest yield, or bid in the auction for a higher yield.

YOU INVEST $100 $10,000 YIELD RATE 4% 14%
YEARS 0 1 2 3 4 5 $1,126.41 YOUR RETURN
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 YEARS $1,159.97 $1,227.12 WHAT’S MY RETURN? $1000 YOU INVEST 6% YIELD RATE

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How do I invest?

1. Discover

Find a business that interests you. Read about it -what’s their vision, how much money are they raising, what are they going to do with it, what rate can you expect?

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2. Reserve or Bid

Reserve bonds at the lowest rate, or bid for higher yields in the auction.

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3. Be Wise

Bonds are limited, you can be outbid, so venture wisely.

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4. Got Bonds? Get Paid.

When the auction closes, the last successful bid determines the effective rate of return, bond orders are filled at this determined rate. Receive principal and interest monthly through maturity.

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Find out about new investments before they go live on the SMBX

Investing in Reg CF securities includes financial risks, including loss of money invested. Please review education materials here.