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discover. invest. earn.

SMBX is a marketplace connecting everyday investors like you with small businesses to invest in.

*Earn up to 9% interest by investing in local small businesses you ❤️

Why should I invest?

Earn the banks profits

Earn Up To 9% Interest*

You can earn a meaningful return by lending money to your favorite small businesses.

Invest in Businesses you love

Advocate For Small Businesses

Show your love for your favorite mom and pop shops by investing in their continued success.

Make an Impact

Impact Your Community

Investing locally empowers small businesses you love with capital needed to serve your community better.

How much could I earn?

You can earn up to 9% interest by purchasing Small Business Bonds™ in $10 increments.

A Bond is like a loan, but instead of borrowing funds from a bank, a business borrows from everyday investors just like you.

Use our handy calculator below to see how much you could earn.

YOU INVEST $10 $10,000 YIELD RATE 4% 9%
YEARS 0 1 2 3 4 5 $1,126.41 YOUR RETURN
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 YEARS $159.97 $227.12 WHAT’S MY RETURN? $1000 YOU INVEST 6% YIELD RATE

How do I invest?

1. Discover

Discover local small businesses Bond offerings to learn about their plans, goals, and aspirations.

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2. Invest

Place an order for the Bonds you'd like to purchase.

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3. Earn

Once the Bond offering has closed, you'll receive equal monthly payments until your total principal and earned interest have been paid.

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