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Raising Capital

Issue Bonds on the SMBX.

The Small Business Bond™ is a new way to raise capital for your business.

The SMBX connects small businesses with the public and lets customers and your community become investors.

Be the bank

Until now, only governments and large corporations have been able to raise capital by issuing Bonds.

Now you too can bypass the bank and sell Bonds directly to the general public, reducing borrowing costs, and gaining customers at the same time.

Why raise capital on the SMBX?


We complete your paperwork. You review it. We file it. You make monthly fixed payments so you know exactly what to expect for your cash flow.


We are not a bank. We are not a lending platform. We do not have the same regulatory fees they pass down to their clients. We believe high-quality borrowers with operating experience should pay rates which reflect that. We believe this so much so that we wagered our business model on it.


When you raise from the public, you build your brand. You engage existing customers and acquire new customers.

Are Bonds right for my business?

Take control of capital

You can access more capital through a public capital raise. Minimum raise is $25,000.

Stay focused on your business

We’ll work with you and/or your accountant to tailor a Bond offering that fits your needs and goals.

Grow your customer base

Raising public capital allows your customers to benefit from your business growth. It elevates customer engagement -possibly creates evangelism. At the same time, publicity allows you to acquire new customers.

Get free marketing support

We help you market your Bond offering. We build your offering page and provide you with online and offline marketing materials to share with your customers, your community, and your followers.

‘I thought only “public” companies could raise public capital. Is it legal for my company to issue a public Bond?

Yes! In 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission enacted Title III of the JOBS Act. Title III allows privately-owned companies to raise money from the general public.

Still have doubts? Read our FAQ

How does it work?

1. Prepare

We speak with you or your accountant to learn about your business and its funding needs. We draft your paperwork. You review it. We file it.

2. Issue

We market to your network. We market to our network. We market to the broader investor community. In other words, we take your company’s Bond offering on a “road show”.

3. Close

At the successful close of your offering, you accept the outcome and direct us where to transfer your funds. You receive your capital. Your new investors receive their Bonds.

Afterwards, you pay principal + interest monthly, like you would for a term loan but instead of paying the bank you pay your investors. We administer this.

Planning on raising capital?