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We believe in

For a small business to become a big business they need capital.

Up till now, almost all small business funding came from banks and institutions. You keep your money in a bank. The bank lends your money to a business. The bank earns the profit. This is how it works. It’s no secret.

What if we could bypass the bank? What if small businesses could access the true source of capital - YOU - direct? Businesses would benefit from paying their true interest rate, rather than their rate plus the additional regulatory fees they are burdened with. And you, could earn the yield the bank receives.

That is our wager, and our vision - a new model of finance where people can earn a steady rate of return and fund the businesses they choose.

In 2016, the SEC enacted Title III of the JOBS Act, making it legal for people to invest in startups and small businesses. We saw an opportunity to utilize this new legal space to build the first small business capital marketplace and manifest our vision.

We are a team of recovering bankers, financial engineers and technologists, and accountants.

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